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When it comes to game season, there’s nothing like a good outdoor sweat session on the football field  to get the blood pumping. The only downside? The greater potential for sunburns and oily skin – especially if you don’t have your routine down which is a right ol’ pain, isn’t it? A good men’s skincare routine, pre-game will not only keep you looking your best on the field but help prevent shiny skin after the game. Cos when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you play good. So, take a gander over our grooming tutorials  on how to get the best looks both on the field and off.

How to get the look


Step 1

Start with the Purefectly Clean Face Wash, ensuring his skin was clean and revitalized before kick-off. Infused with charcoal powder and peppermint extract, a quick wash with this gel leaves skin smooth and fresh – and getting rid of the dirt from your skin before you apply your moisturiser will ensure it will be its most effective.

Step 2

Then use the Greater Look Face Moisturiser to hydrate and protect skin. Lightweight and comfortable, the moisturiser hydrates and brightens without leaving skin feeling sticky or greasy – because it’s not like you need to compete with perspiration, do ya? The Greater Look combines two of David Beckham’s favourite ingredients – quinoa and spirulina, known to strengthen and energise, alongside one of the best oil absorbing agent that keeps your face shine-free. And when it comes to David Beckham’s skincare routine, it’s a non-negotiable. “Let’s face it, I’m giving my skin a hard time,” Beckham explains. “I’ve been looking for something when my skin needs an instant punch that’ll keep up to my lifestyle and won’t let me down. An all-in-all product to keep my skin looking and feeling great.”


With experience at some of the world’s most prestigious salons , runway shows and fashion editorials, on-set stylist Paul Duchemin used his expert knowledge to sculpt simple, #GameReady looks for our latest short.

Step 1

For our lad Olivier, whose hair was a freshly-shorn sharp fade on the sides with some length on top, Duchemin started by washing the hair. “Because Olivier has very thick, strong, straight hair naturally, I washed it with the Twice As Smart Taming Shampoo & Conditioner for an extra shot of nourishment,” explained Duchemin.

Step 2

The hairstylist then set to work on a slicked-back version of the ‘quiff’. Inspired by 50s Rockabilly’s, the look is categorised by the way the front section of the hair is brushed upwards and backwards to create volume from the forehead.

“Then, I dried the hair with a blow dryer, using my fingers to comb the hair at first, finishing with a flat brush to brush the hair back. Using a flat brush here  to create the quiff will also help you add structure and finish with precision – as oppose to simply using your fingers which suits those who want a more natural finish”

Step 3

Suggesting that men with similarly thick, straight hair would benefit from the use of the Smooth Back Shaping Pomade , Duchemin worked the pomade through the lengths of the hair to hold it in place for the game.

Step 4

Finally, give the whole thing a good once-over with the Tight Grip Fixing Spray to keep it all in place = because when it comes to the football field, you want your focus on the ball, not stray hair.

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