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David Beckham’s tattoos are a reflection of his life both on and off the football field and serve as a representation of many milestones. There is the number ‘99’ on the pinkie finger of his right hand, marking the year 1999 in which he married Victoria Beckham as well as helped Manchester United to a European Treble; There is the name ‘Victoria’ in Sanskrit inked on his left forearm and in English on his right hand in tribute to his wife; the number seven in Roman numerals on his right arm representing his jersey number and the nicknames of his young children, among many others.

Whatever your reasons for inking up, there’s no bolder statement than a permanent piece of art on your arm and studies show that tattoos can make us lads look powerful, which is exactly what you need on the pitch. So, inspired by the football position, the men’s grooming style of our Finisher is reliable and comes in strong. And if you want to keep it that way, and ensure your tattoos are as powerful as ever, you’ll want to invest in in a good tattoo-specific moisturiser – cos the only thing that should be faded is your jeans, innit?

Tattoo after care


As with any new tattoo, there are specific after-care steps that your tattoo artist will inform you of. This generally includes keeping your bandage on for a few hours, then washing with antibacterial soap and water before continuing with an antibacterial gel or spray while the tattoo heals over the coming week. Once your tatt is in the clear from infections or any other red flags, a good tattoo moisturiser will continue to help with the healing process as well as aiding in the preservation of the design and colours – and it’ll do this weather your ink is fresh or not.

Keeping your ink bold


Together with your man David Beckham, we’ve developed the Bold Statement Tattoo Moisturiser to hydrate your tattooed skin for up to 24 hours. It helps to revive tattoo colour and maintain boldness by preserving their original colour and brightness. The best part about the Bold Statement? It’s a spray-on moisturiser which means easy application and no residue on skin – you can throw your kit on immediately.

How to get the look


On the day of the shoot, player Sana gave his inked-up areas a good spray of the Bold Statement Tattoo Moisturiser about 20 minutes before sun exposure, massaging it in until absorbed. And, boom! Tattoos so vivid they were almost as blinding as Sana’s brilliant ball game.


As for his hair, stylist Paul Duchemin who has experience at some of the world’s most prestigious salons, runway shows and fashion editorials, used his expert knowledge to tackle Sana’s recently-shorn ‘do. “Sana came in from a visit to the barbershop the day before and he had a really tight, shaved do with volume on top,” explained Duchemin. “I just brushed it back with a flat brush and worked a squeeze of the Going Strong Styling Gel through the lengths to keep it all in place throughout the game.”

Too easy.

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