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A full, flowing head of hair screams health, an easy-going attitude and a sense of adventure, so why not capitalise on the serious pulling power of this look? And, while we’re still into the manbun in a big way when it comes to men’s hair styles, the wild, free look of long hair let loose brings with it a certain cool, calm and collectedness on the field. Who doesn’t want to look like an easy going pro on the pitch?

However, there’s a difference between wild and unruly, and when you’re rocking a long hair and full beard look, it’s best to err on the side of polish, as your mum might say. For this, the Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm evens out hair volume, adds structure and leaves beard feeling nourished for a disciplined, hydrated look.

“As most bearded men, after getting my hair right I’m always tempted to use the extra bit of product left in my hands to tame my beard,” explains David Beckham on his beard and hair grooming. Few remarks later from Victoria about my beard being stiff and sticky, I know that even if the look was on point, it didn’t fully do the trick.” The creamy balm not only tames and softens the beard, leaving it kiss-ready but also leaves hair smoothed and sleek.


How to get the look


With experience at some of the world’s most prestigious salons, runway shows and fashion editorials, on-set stylist Paul Duchemin used his expert knowledge to sculpt simple, #GameReady looks for our latest short and for Sam’s free flowing hairstyle, it was all about the Seriously Groom Beard & Hair Balm. “Sam was so cool, very healthy and does a lot of outdoor sport. His hairstyle went with his personality,” explains Duchemin.

Step 1


“What I did on Sam is, I dried his hair using a blow dryer and my hands to keep volume and texture. I then warmed up a small dollop of the Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm in my hands then used my fingers to twist soft waves into his hair once the hair was dry,” says Duchemin.

Step 2


“I then used a very small amount of the Change It Up Texturising Clay on the ends of the long hair to further define the waves in Sam’s hair.”

Step 3


Duchemin then used a small dollop of the Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm, warming it through his hands before working it through Sam’s beard which gave it a boost of shape, a slight tame and some bristles conditioning.

Bonus pro tip


“After the game, if you want to make sure your hair goes from sweaty strands back to polished waves, twist your hair into a bun and leave it to dry for 30-60 minutes,” explains Duchemin. When you take it out it’ll be wavy and ready for a celebratory pint at the pub.

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