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Next up in our handy, dandy grooming series, legendary “sick barber” Fabio Marques of Figaro’s in Lisbon meets a coupla talented crew of hip hop dancers who’ve left their long locks ever so slightly neglected. Fabio works his men’s grooming magic to reinvent young Jakub, a long-haired chap into a slick-back lad. He then takes to Chino, performing a grooming transformation by lopping off three years of hair growth and with it the dead/neglected ends of hair – wicked.


There ain’t too much by way of cool, old-school hair styles that have stood the test of time like the slick-back. Especially effective on long hair, it’s classic, smart, simple and easy, it looks a treat and is a nice, simple way to control rogue hairs when it all starts to look a little savage. In our latest episode, barber Fabio took to young Jakub’s long, 90s grunge band-looking locks, shaping them into a longish sort-of bob. So when trying this look, take this lead and start with a nice, fresh trim – nothing too drastic, we know you’ve put a lot of love into growing it out as long as you have. But maybe just a wee tidy up?

Now, take a minimal amount of products, warming it up by rubbing through your fingers and then your fingers through your hair, smoothing it from front to back and down as you go. Pro tip: The Smooth Back Shaping Pomade offers more shine and is ideal for sleek styles whereas for a drier, more natural texture you can try a clay such as the Change It Up Texturising Clay. For a particularly strong hold, take Fabio’s lead and try the Going Strong Styling Gel, infused with Castor oil and fixing agents.

Next, comb back your long mane, running your comb from the forehead back and down your neck, tucking it behind your ears. A good comb will help the finished look appear smooth and neat, better for more formal occasions, whereas feel free to get in there with your fingers instead for a more natural, low-key look.


For our mate Chino, a quick encounter with Fabio’s scissors and off went the better part of three years-worth of growing out his hair. For anyone who’s grown out their hair, you know it’s no walk in the park and requires some close, careful attention.

And when you do, try your best to opt for something that will help counteract the weight of all that hair like the Going Big Thickening Daily Shampoo. Infused with styling polymers, charcoal powders and peppermint extract it purifies and thickens and gives volume. Secondly, when you are growing your hair out, the only way to ensure the lengths are all at their healthiest is to remove damaged ends and dead hair. Visit the barber every six to eight weeks but make sure to make it clear that you only want a trim to eliminate split ends.

When it comes to achieving Chino’s brilliant top-knot, the first step is to make sure you have at least 6-10 inches of hair to tie up in the first place. (For example, if you have a buzz cut, expect to be growing your hair for about six months). Then, tell your barber to shave down all the hair on the sides and back of your head with clippers, (not scissors). Finally, gather up all the hair on the very top of your head and tie it all up with a hair tie, right in the centre of your noggin’. Kushdy.

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