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Just like on the field, The Sweeper look is proper versatile. When it comes to men’s grooming, the ‘Pompadour’ as it’s more commonly known, can be worn by most hair types and lengths and is often associated with being a polished, classy look inspired by Rockabilly style of the 1950s, making it the perfect ‘do to contrast the more casual environment of the football field, the slick finish keeping everything in place while you’re busy running around, balancing out a sporty kit with just a bit of polish. Worn on the field, it’s a look that is adventurous and a bold men’s hairstyle.

Perfect for anyone growing out their hair, particularly at the in-between stage, and best-worn on hairstyles with an undercut and some length on top, the slick-back is classic, smart  and - as the name suggests – sleek with a hint of retro flair, it’s one of the oldest ‘do’s around for a reason, ain’t it?


How to get the look


With experience at some of the world’s most prestigious salons, runway shows and fashion editorials, on-set stylist Paul Duchemin used his expert knowledge to sculpt simple, #GameReady looks for our latest short and for Farradj’s Pompadour-style, it was all about the Smooth Back Shaping Pomade – a favourite of Beckham’s.

“Either classic, rockabilly or dapper, you all know I’m a fan of Pompadour hairstyles,” explains David. “It was always a struggle to find the one product to get me there smoothly. The hold, the shine and the weight, it never felt quite right and never held up to my hectic days.”


Step 1


For our player, Farradj, Duchemin worked to capitalise on the hair’s natural texture to bolster the look. “He has hair that forms soft curls naturally – it’s not straight, it’s not curly, it’s in between,” Duchemin explains. “Firstly, we washed Farradj’s hair with the Twice As Smart Taming Shampoo & Conditioner to nourish them & keep them in place.”

Step 2


“When wet, I use a small, round brush to give the hair direction, blowing drying the hair to Farradj’s best side.” From here Duchemin blow dries the hair until it is dry, pushing it all to one side to achieve the perfect Pompadour.

Step 3


At the end, I take a generous amount of the Smooth Back Shaping Pomade and ran it through his hair to help sculpt the look. "I then used a comb to ensure the look was slick and even,” said Duchemin.

We've teamed up with our house barbers to achieve a unique texture for the Shaping Pomade: creamy enough to be easily worked with and light enough not to weigh hair down. The Pomade is also reshapable and life-proof to ensure you’re covered both on and off the field.

Step 4


“Finally, I finished with the Tight Grip Fixing Spray to keep it all in place.”

Looking good there, Farradj. Now go get ‘em, mate.

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