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You survived the stag, the playlist is settled and the bubbly is on ice. You’ve written and rewritten your vows, briefed Aunt Moira on exactly how much it’s acceptable to drink pre-speeches, and found the socks that match the shoes that match the belt that match the tie that works with the suit. Mate, you’re halfway up the aisle. Congrats.

Now, there’s only one hairstyle with sufficient panache for the best day of your life and that’s the pompadour. As elegant and unapologetic as the mother of the bride, as smooth as the officiant’s dance moves, as voluminous as the bride’s bouquet - the pompadour is the epitome of the eligible gentleman. Follow these rules and you’re sure to smash that pomp’ out of the park:

By the power vested in me

If you’re not a habitual hair-dryer-admirer, we urge you to power-up just on this one very special day. Blow drying your hair will give it lift and volume; two crucial components for the perfect pompadour. Use a brush as you go for even more root lift. The idea is to sweep your hair up and back off your face. Because she wears the veil, not you.

Gathered hair today

Once your hair is as dry as your best man’s speech promises to be, you can work through some all-important product. A pea-sized amount of Smooth Back Shaping Pomade is all you need. Warm it in your palms and then rake it through your hair to give shape, hold and texture. Use a brush or comb for a super smooth finish. Fingertips will do the trick for beach wedding vibes.

You may now kiss the bride

Well, nearly. First, you’ll want to soften those whiskers with a dash of beard oil. Look for one that is lightweight and non-greasy lest you leave tell-tale smudges all over your 3-piece suit. The Softer Touch Beard Oil absorbs quickly and smells like commitment.

A toast to you mate, we wish you nothing but matrimonial bliss. We also wish you good hair - after all, your wedding day only comes around once (…fingers crossed) so it’s important to look the part. That said, after all the pomp and ceremony, we encourage you to make like Aunt Moira and let your hair down.


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