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Thanksgiving grooming

Thanksgiving is the first of the fall celebrations, just weeks before Halloween and a little over two months before the official holiday season begins. Although no one at House 99 would recommend that you avoid the culinary treasures of Thanksgiving (there are not enough calories at this time of year), the excesses of table may leave you bloated. Rich, fatty dishes and excess alcohol do not mix well with the skin. Add the dryness of the heating systems and you head straight for an acute crisis of the facial epidermis.

Before the Thanksgiving meal


Even though Thanksgiving is largely a family affair, you want to make the folks proud by looking like you’ve made some kind of effort, as opposed to just rolling out of bed in sweatpants and drooling and hovering over the table. Don’t get a haircut the day before – or anywhere in the week before, really, especially if you’re meeting your significant other’s parents. Give a fresh Thanksgiving men’s haircut the chance to grow out and roughen up any ultraclean lines.


As you know you’ll be feasting throughout Thanksgiving, give your body a little prep. Get up early, go for a walk, a run, a skip – whatever will kick-start your metabolism and stop you feeling entirely guilty after your fourth scoop of candied yams. And don’t skip meals to give yourself more room – in fact, have a couple of apple slices with peanut butter or something similar to take the edge off. Then, before you do tuck in, keep the inevitable meat sweats at bay by getting a step ahead with the Polish Up Body & Hair Wash . The intensely cooling effect will help keep you cool, reducing the skin’s temperature by up to four degrees, keeping it invigorated and moisturized. After you’ve dried off, give yourself a spritz with the Cool Off Spray Deodorant which reduces smells and moisture – which should only remain in the roast turkey territory, really. So, keep those second and third helpings coming, bruv.


Now that your hair is fresh and family-ready, opt for a low maintenance style that keeps the hair out of your face (and to minimize any obstacles for eating) and shows you’ve tried – but not too much. A nice one here is a textured take on the bed head look.
Step 1: Start with a smidge of Smooth Back Shaping Pomade and warm it up by rubbing it between your hands.
Step 2: Then, distribute it evenly through slightly damp hair with your fingers.
Step 3: Give your hair a cheeky ruffle for a terrifically slick ‘do, but be sure not to overdo it – you want your hair to say, ‘I’m the best possible choice for a future son-in-law, but I’m a down-to-earth lad, too.’

After: DETOX


High-calorie dishes from the Thanksgiving feast the day before can be tough on men’s skincare, particularly if your skin is already oily. Purify and cleanse clogged pores with the Purefectly Clean Face Wash , infused with black charcoal.

-Hydration on all fronts

Skip the morning coffee, reach for a glass of warm water with lemon to kickstart digestion, flush out toxins, and damaged cells, to help clear blemishes from within. Then, after the aforementioned cleansing step, rehydrate skin with the Greater Look Face Moisturiser so that your skin doesn’t dry out – it’s already likely well on its way after all the boozing yesterday.

Now you are ready, Happy Thanksgiving!

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