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If you find yourself endlessly cutting your sleep short and feasting on greasy fast food, the evidence will be written on your face, and no doubt in big oily patches.

And while the recommendation when it comes to sleep is crystal clear - get the most you can - when it comes to food, most of us are less clued up.


Of course, we know that eating a ton of greasy processed grub will make our waistlines grow, but not many of us consider the ill effect it might be having on our body’s biggest organ: the skin. In that sense at least, we quite literally are what we eat.

So, let’s take a little time to consider what we’re eating and the immediate and long-term effects on our skin. This isn’t to say that we should drop the donut, start a juice cleanse and never touch junk food again. We simply need to have a little knowledge of how the things we put into our body effect the skin.


Virginie Delekta, a skincare expert, has some broad advice about diet. “What we eat has an enormous impact on our skin, for example, when we’re on a very low-fat diet, our skin texture can become drier & duller with some sore patches.

In fact, as soon as your diet has too much or too little of any given nutrient, there’s an imbalance in the body and that shows on the skin. Your best bet is to eat wide variety of real food and aim for balance at all times.”

Delekta says there are 5 essential diet rules to follow for a tip-top complexion:
1. The cornerstone is to try and be consistent with your diet. Don’t spend one day bingeing on fried food and the next day starving yourself in penance. It won’t make you happy and it won’t make your skin happy either. Balance is everything.

2. Make time to eat a proper meal at sensible times. Your skin will thank you for the regular flow of nutrients, allowing it to go about its regenerative business undisturbed. And remember, it’s always best to have a light meal in the evening so you’re not overloading your digestive system just before bed. Rest and repair is crucial.

3. Fill up on antioxidants. In simple-to-understand terms, these magic little molecules help reinforce your cells natural defenses. Help yourself to seconds when it comes to artichokes, blueberries, all green vegetables, sea foods, lemons, cinnamon and even dark chocolate. Two big hitters are quinoa and spirulina, both of which are included in most House 99 products. David Beckham chose these two wonder-foods because they are so central to his own diet.

4. Drink a lot more of water and a lot less alcohol. Dehydration is the great enemy of youthful fresh-looking skin. A good face cream for men will also help you stay supple. The Greater Look Face Moisturiser will keep you hydrated.

5. Sugar may taste good, but it’s public enemy number one for the body. Those big insulin spikes and have been linked to premature aging and a host of other nasties. You don’t need to give up on all sugars but cutting down on refined sugar will certainly help.
Follow these rules about what you should to put into your body and you will get much more out of it. 

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