The House 99 guide to winter grooming

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How to take care of men’s skin in winter

A good way to think about seasonal grooming changes is to liken them to changing your wardrobe. You wouldn’t go out into the snow in swim shorts and mandals, (that’s man sandals, for all of you playing at home) and so you probably shouldn’t leave your apartment without giving your winter skincare routine a little more oomph to protect yourself from the elements, either.
Skin is your body’s protective layer, designed to keep out nasties like pollution and allergens whilst keeping moisture in. But changing temperatures and low humidity levels can change the balance of water, fat and protein that make up this barrier. Furnace-like meeting rooms. Running to catch the bus with icy wind whipping at your face. Scalding hot showers. These lightning fast changes in environment stress your skin, evaporating hydration from the its surface. This, and the fact that you’re no doubt reaching for tea or coffee (both diuretics) to keep yourself warm means your hydration levels in general are all out of whack.
All of these elements can lead to redness, sensitivity, irritation, dryness and other issues on your body armor. So, right around the time you pack up those shorts, t-shirts and open-toe sandals and put them to the back of the closet, so too, should you upgrade your winter grooming routine so you can keep looking like your most beauteous self, even when it’s sub-zero outside.

How do you use facial cleanser for men’s skincare in winter?

As the mercury drops, less heat means less sweat, so opt for a gentle cleanser such as the Purefectly Clean Face Wash which cuts oil and dirt without being abrasive or aggressive to skin. It’s enriched with charcoal and peppermint which help purify and freshen the face, removing impurities and pollution. Ideally, you’re doing this twice a day, morning and night, for 60 seconds at a time. In the morning, it’ll help wake you up. At night, it’ll wash away all the grime of the day, including any product build-up, so you don’t get it on your pillow and keep transferring it back to your face each night like some sort of bacterial recurring nightmare.

What is the best way to exfoliate in winter?

Similarly, for you bearded blokes, when it comes to skincare for men, the removal of dead skin is non-negotiable at this time of year to ensure your moisturiser is getting nice and deep into your skin and working as hard as it can. You’re also more susceptible to beardruff (gasp) - so get on board with the Get Groomed Purifying Beard Scrub . It has a cleansing rough black texture (thanks to the volcanic stone, black charcoal and ginseng) that not only removes dirt and pollution from the beard, whilst also preventing ingrown hairs and beardruff, but takes care of the skin underneath so the whole region is kiss-ready. Do be gentle and do your best not to over-exfoliate which would be counterproductive. Twice a week is plenty to keep your mug in tip top shape. Perfect prep for our next step…

How do you tackle dry, itchy, red skin in winter?

Hydration in winter is not an option – it is a necessity. Men’s winter skin can dry out quicker than a barrel of mulled wine at a pub when it gets cold so learn this: Moisture, moisture, moisture – in all forms! Drink plenty of water so that you’ve got a good base to work from. Avoid dry skin that peels and cracks by using the Greater Look Face Moisturiser . Inspired by the master of the House David Beckham’s grooming needs, it combines quinoa and spirulina (known to strengthen and energise) and is bolstered by a space-technology inspired ingredient that is both oil absorbing and mattifying.

Similarly, for the rest of you, the Bold Statement Tattoo Body Moisturiser (whether you’re inked up or not), moisturises skin and provides an optimal UV film to protect tattoos from the negative effects of sun rays, to preserve their original colour and brightness. It’s a fast-penetrating, lotion-in-spray so you don’t have to spend too much time waiting for it to sink in. Because we’re all busy, aren’t we boys?

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