5 essential winter grooming to make before it hits

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Men’s Winter Grooming Swaps

We all know that summer heat can leave you in some sticky situations (men’s grooming-wise that is), but winter’s wrath of snow and ice can also wreak havoc with your skin, making a product switch-up not just a good idea but a necessary one when the mercury starts to dip. Harsh winds, icy temperatures, central heating and festive drinking can dehydrate and disrupt skin and hair’s natural defences leaving skin, hair and scalp dry and itchy. So, for your best winter grooming yet, switch out those lightweight sun-and-sand-friendly products for some that’ll maximise hydration and protect skin against the elements. We’ve listed some of our essential men’s grooming must-do’s for peak winter condition.

Men’s winter hair care

We all know how tight the skin on our face feels once the winter dryness sets in. But how does the cold weather affect haircare for men? Dry winter air and the addition of beanies and caps can dehydrate hair, skin and scalp, causing flakiness and the aforementioned scratchy, tight feeling. The Twice As Smart Taming Shampoo & Conditioner tames unruly, windswept manes while refreshing your tresses with green tea and peppermint extract. Once out of the shower, run some Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm through your locks to soften, discipline and condition your hair. The excess product can be pulled through your beard for the same plush treatment.

Men’s winter skincare

Winter, with its constant roulette of winds, cold air and central heating can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it feeling irritated. The solution is to moisturise like your life depends on it. And although you may not feel like the sun is damaging your skin, it almost certainly is – the effect is made worse by snow which reflects sunlight directly onto your visage as any skier can testify. To avoid the stealth of winter sunburn, invest in a good moisturiser Greater Look Face Moisturiser . It is as comfortable as it is hydrating, enriched with spirulina and quinoa.

When it comes to your body, start by upping your intake of water to hydrate yourself from the inside out. And remember, even a winter sun can bleach your precious ink-work, so keep a can of Bold Statement Tattoo Body Moisturiser handy. . It moisturises skin and protect that ink. Plus, it absorbs quickly so you don’t have to stand around shivering after you apply.

Tips for a winter beards and shaving

If you’re a clean-shaven lad, be sure to shave after your shower as all that steam softens your bristles for better glide. For optimal results, start fresh with good beard products the Purefectly Clean Face Wash . Enriched with charcoal and peppermint it cleanses and purifies skin, removing all nasties, sebum and pollution so you have a clean slate to run that razor on. When you are ready to shave, lather on some of the Smooth Cut Shaving Foam which features moisturizing and softening properties to prevent shaving-related skin irritations. (FYI – if you’re looking for the best beard styles for your face shape to try out something new, head to our handy guide).

For general beard care, if you do have some facial fuzz, first things first: ensure that you use a trimmer every couple of days to keep everything at a uniform length, especially if you’re growing it out to keep your mandible insulated as the mercury drops. As temperatures plummet so does the humidity, which invariably sleads to dry, flakey skin. This is best remedied by regular exfoliation. The Get Groomed Beard Purifier is made with purifying black charcoal, exfoliating volcanic stone and energizing ginseng to gently scrub and condition the skin behind your beard preventing ingrown hairs and the dreaded ‘beardruff’. Finish up with a bit of the Softer Touch Beard Oil to soften it all down and keep it freshly scented.

Take note men, just because the temperature’s dropping doesn’t mean you get to drop the ball on your grooming regime.

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