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The House 99 father’s day gift guide for men’s grooming.

If you’re a lad that knows what’s what, (of course you do, you’re here ain’t ya?) you’re well-versed on how to treat the women in your life. But what about the father figures? The old trope that most men of a certain age prefer gifts that relate to grilling rather than men’s grooming is well out of date. Sure, a shiny new power tool, a coffee table book or a pair of fresh Oxford’s might do the trick but what about something that’ll make your old man shiny and new. Alright that sounded a bit batty but, you know what we mean... By all accounts, there comes a time in every man’s life where his tie and sock collection reaches capacity so hopefully, this father’s day gift guide will help you think outside the box.

Smug face

If your old man is a bit of a “soap, water and go” type, it might be an idea to invest in some products that’ll kick his grooming routine into touch, like the House essentials giftset .We’re talking about no-messing products that promote a healthy-look– shine-free, hydrated- with that nice scent typical of House 99’s (fresh and woody notes). Dad’s a busy man, so let’s keep it simple!

Firstly, every good routine starts in the shower. Menthol-enriched Polish up Hair and Body wash with cooling-effect will give Dad an oomph in the morning, or a pamper at night. Next up, purified skin starts with black charcoal-infused Purefectly Clean Face Wash , for a refreshing burst of energy. Then, finish with easy-to-use Greater Look Face Moisturiser for all-day smoothness that’s sure to get some compliments. Dad will be lapping it up!

Care crate

Put together a little package of thoughtful, nice, every day things that’ll make him feel loved for months to come. His favourite ground coffee, a French press coffee maker, a booking at his favourite restaurant (that you’ll pick up the tab for, o’course) or a good quality giftset including all his faves. Go for Seriously Groomed giftset, a kit which contains everything Dad needs to look on point: a black charcoal-enriched Get Groomed Beard Scrub to clean out anything that might be hiding in Dad’s beard, Seriously Groomed - a 2-in-1 Beard and Hair Styling Balm for easy maintenance, and Greater Look Face Moisturiser to hydrate skin.

Travel insurance

One thing that’s always a pain for jet-setting lads (but that really is a necessary evil) is ensuring you have a solid carry-on toiletries kit to take with you when you’re on shorter flights and to stop you from drying out on longer hauls. A nice, put-together little travel kit of toiletries with skincare and beard and hair care essentials like the House of Travel kit has a face moisturiser, a face wash, a shaving cream and a two-in-one body & hair wash. Also, throw in a disposable razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and a cheeky subscription to his favourite magazine so he’s always got something good to read after take-off.

Dad beard

Perhaps your dad’s more of a hairy sort of bloke, with a proud bit of bristle framing his mug? For this guy, try the Seriously Groomed gift set comes with this scrub, a face moisturiser and a softening 2-in-1 beard and hair styling balm. Next, give it a go at the Get Smart Purifying Beard Scrub , and be sure to instruct your dad to really get in there and scrub that soup-catcher clean. With a rough, black texture that deep-cleanses, charcoal, volcanic stone and ginseng, it’ll deep-clean your beard and remove beard dandruff.

How to use beardscrub

We’d also recommend the Softer Touch Beard Oil to help make the face fuzz even softer. Bonus: it works as a great pre-shaving oil to increase glide when shaving if he ever DOES want to get rid of it all.

Perfect his grooming habits

If you’re just getting him started on grooming things, go for our iconic products. For his beard, introduce him to Softer Touch Beard Oil – just a few drops can be used as a pre-shaving oil for keeping those edges neat, or to keep whiskers in check.
Up next is Greater Look Face Moisturiser , which gives skin all day hydration and leaves it looking healthy, even for sensitive skin or post-shave. Never let the hair go out of style! Finish off with an easy to use, reshapeable and touchable styling product, like the Smooth Back Shaping Pomade to give hair a look that’s as natural as a Dad Joke!

Spend the day together at the Barber’s

At the end of the day, there’s nothing your father figure wants more than time with you. Book in side-by-side barbershop appointments for a treat or head to a microbrewery he hasn’t tried to catch-up over a pint. 
For that last one, no need to keep it to an annual public holiday, give your old man some time whenever you can. He ain’t half bad.

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