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Brad Pitt in Fight Club to Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, the haircuts that made cinematic history


Since the earliest days of cinema, we have been, as a culture, obsessed with movie stars – their clothes, their loves, their homes. And oh yes, their hair. Witness a crush of fans around an A-lister and someone will always grab at the hair. It is an iron law. Presumably it is the only bit of them that is readily removable and easily portable.


Whatever accounts for it, one thing is definitely true: movie stars’ hair have the ability to change fashion like few other things. Here, we explore the films that spawned a million barbershop imitators.


Ah, the Mohawk. We tend to think immediately of mid-seventies punks, but the Mohawk as we know it kicked off in World War II. US GIs shaved their heads in the style of Native American Mohawk warriors preparing for battle. In Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, De Niro plays Travis Bickle, a marine veteran and vigilante whose own battle is to clear New York of its underworld. De Niro shaves his head into the style before attempting to assassinate Senator Palantine as a rite of passage in his personal war. It was here that the phrase “You talkin’ to me” was coined. And it was here that a million teens got a new idea about how to annoy their parents.

How to get Travis Bickle’s mohawk

1. When you ask your barber for this cut, it’s important to note that Bickle’s mohawk graduates in length, starting at around 1.5cm at the back of the head reaching about 5.5cm at the front. It’s approximately 6.5cm in width and everything else is shaved to grade zero
2. Wash the mohawk with our Thickening Daily Shampoo to give it as much volume as possible
3. After towel drying your hair, use a comb and blow dryer to blow it up and back against its natural grain so it resembles a fan
4. Apply Tight Grip Fixing Spray to keep your mohawk looking natural but firmly in place


Apart from Elvis and David Beckham’s hairstyle, is there a pompadour more famous than James Dean’s? Dean played Jim Stark in the film, a man who finds himself in a new town with new friends and enemies and is as untameable as just-woken-up hair. Dean, who died at 24, embodies youth and recklessness and impulse, with the only thing he could keep under control being his hair.

How to get Jim Stark’s classic pompadour

1. This look requires medium length hair. Start by towel drying your locks and evenly rub in a thumb-nailsworth of our Smooth Back Shaping Pomade
2. Use a brush and blowdryer to dry the hair from the root, working towards the end. Pay particular attention to the front, lifting the hair upwards to create height and body
3. Warm another thumb-nailsworth of pomade in your hands and run it through your hair starting at the top of your head working forwards
4. Using a comb to tease the fringe up
5. Apply Tight Grip Fixing Spray to keep your pompadour in place


Brando’s relaxed side parting helped to define his character Stanley Kowalski. Instead of an Ivy League sop, the type that Blanche desired, here was a rawer man, an enigma with a different look. Kowalski was disreputable, vulgar almost, effortlessly cool – he was quite like Brando the man. It’s no surprise the whole world wanted ape Brando and his effervescent cool.

How to get as Stanley Kowalski’s relaxed side parting

1. Wash your hair with our Thickening Daily Shampoo to give it that Brando body
2. Towel dry and comb through a dollar-sized dollop of Smooth Back Shaping Pomade with your fingers
3. Use a fine tooth comb to insert a left side parting, with most of your hair falling to the right
4. As you blow dry your hair continuously comb it up and around the ears with your fingers to give it a naturally wavy finish


It’s odd to think that Tyler Durdan’s enviable physique first appeared on the silver screen almost 20 years ago, but it wasn’t just his body or his left hook that caught our attention. Tyler’s haircut was a short, messy textured cut that seemed to speak to the age. It was louche just-out-of-the-gym look. Pitt’s role as the sex-crazed, uber-masculine, cigarette-chomping Durdan was iconic – women lusted after him, and men wanted his haircut and his six pack.

How to get Tyler Durdan’s short messy spikes

1. Start by washing your hair using our Thickening Daily Shampoo
2. Use a blow dryer and brush the hair on the crown up and away from your head, keep the back and sides flush to the scalp
3. Take a thumbnail-sized globule of our Going Strong Styling Gel. Use a third to smooth down the back and sides, then apply the remainder by dabbing it onto your thumb and forefinger and twisting the top of your hair into spikes


As the new bond famously emerged from the sea, he was a man transformed. A grittier, riskier bond, shorn of the whizzbang gadgets, he was a man for the ages. Similarly, it was the first time Bond’s hair wasn’t a helmet of blow-dried perfection. Instead, Mr Craig’s cut was short, sharp and presumably easy to do every morning, even if you had had one too many martinis. It embodied that mid-noughties devil-may-care attitude.

How to get as James Bond’s close crop

1. The secret is in the details - ask your barber for a crew cut with a short fade with approximately 3.5cm on going down to about 0.7cm on the back and sides
2. Give your hair that bond finesse by washing it with our Twice as Smart Taming Shampoo & Conditioner
3. Blow dry your hair so it flows to the right side on top, and down at the back and sides
4. Take a pea-sized Change It Up Texturising Clay to ruffle the top hairs and give it texture

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