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The football field has always been an opportunity to experiment with men’s grooming and David Beckham’s style has always been ahead of the game, setting the ball in motion for the rest of the world. These days, there’s hardly a man on the field that doesn’t have a directional, eye-catching look and we’ve got David Beckham to thank for that.

In the spirit of experimentation and competition, we teamed up with a couple of likely lads to come up with five directional looks, perfect for the field to show that when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you play good, as evidenced by our men on film.  A strong look makes a strong game, so in the coming weeks, we’ll be showing you how to recreate each of the styles from our campaign video with easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials.

For Beckham himself, some of his best looks came about right around this time of year - during competition. Ever since his first appearance on our screens in 1995, as a 19-year-old midfielder for Manchester with a wholesome head of blonde locks, he’s had an ever-evolving roster of looks, each one more directional and daring than the next. From the slick back to the close crop and even longer lengths, there’s few hairstyles your man hasn’t tried – some with more success than others – but when he got it right, he set the men’s grooming world on fire.

Take, for example, the spikey, frosted tips from Niigata, June 2002; the sweeping gold curtains at Bratislava that same year in October; his super short buzz cut in Lisbon in June 2004 or later that year in Skopje when he pulled his grown-out mid-lengths into a half-up, half-down look, well before the manbun was the major look it is today.

So, to get you in the spirit of experimentation, take a sneak peek at some of the vital stats of our polished players and the cheat sheet of how to get their looks. Not only will we show you how to recreate these baller looks, we’re asking you to show us that you’re #GameReady.


Take a photo of your best football fever look and share it, tagging @House99 and #GameReady. David Beckham will personally choose his favourites and the best four looks will be in the running to win big – including the chance at a signed football from Beck’s. Head to our House 99 Instagram channel for more details.

But for now, read up on those looks…


Player: Olivier

Key strengths: Skin + Hair

Kit must-have: Greater Look Face Moisturiser

Tactical overview: “Olivier turned up with a fresh cut, very sharp fades on the sides and a little length on top,” says Duchemin. “Firstly, we washed his face with the Purefectly Clean Face Wash and moisturized with the Greater Look Face Moisturiser to get him fresh for the field.”


Player: Sam

Key strengths: Hair + Beard

Kit must-have: Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm

Tactical overview: “First of all, I started with the Going Big Thickening Shampoo to give Sam’s hair some volume and then, using a blow dryer and my fingers, I dried his hair,” explains Duchemin. “Then, once it was dry, I used the Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm to smooth down the hair and beard and to twist it into soft waves to get the look.”


Player: Farradj

Key strengths: Hair

Kit must-have: Smooth Back Shaping Pomade

Tactical overview: “Farradj’s hair is natural in soft curls, perfect for the sweeping Pompadour style,” Duchemin explains. “After washing with the Twice As Smart Taming Shampoo & Conditioner, I used a small, round brush to direct the hair in the direction of a sculptural Pompadour-style. At the end I used the Smooth Back Shaping Pomade to create the impressive shape and the Tight Grip Fixing Spray to keep it all in place.”


Player: Hasael

Key strengths: Beard + Hair

Kit must-have: Softer Touch Beard Oil

Tactical overview: “Firstly, I used the Get Groomed Purifying Beard Scrub to clean and soften Hasael’s bristles,” offers Duchemin on his process. “Then, I put a squirt of Softer Touch Beard Oil, warmed it up in my hand and ran it through his beard to soften the follicles and make it shiny.”


Player: Sana

Key strengths: Body + Hair

Kit must-have: Bold Statement Tattoo Body Moisturiser 

Tactical overview: “Sana had just come from the barbershop the day before and so had very short hair that required little product,” says Duchemin. So, I brushed it back with a flat brush, working a squeeze of the Going Strong Styling Gel through the lengths to smooth it all down. Finally, to highlight and protect his brilliant tattoos, I sprayed them with the Bold Statement Tattoo Body Moisturiser.”


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