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#Worldbeardday is September 1st

The humble beard. When it comes to facial fuzz, it was not so long ago that beards were rarely seen, especially in glossy magazines. But all that’s changed. We seem to have arrived at the global realisation that beards are bloody brilliant and no longer just for Movember and Decembeard contenders. These days, it’s a year-round, 24/7 #beardlyfe and studies prove the ladies, (and gents) love them, which is probably why 55% of men around the world sport some kind of stubble.

So, without further ado, here are our 10 favourite bearded-brothers to inspire your whiskered ambitions.


We owe a mention to the Master of the House. Beck’s has long been a leader in men’s grooming and has owned some seriously directional looks – the Mohican, the cornrows, the pompadour – and, of course, a clever little line of products with which to keep it all in check. In terms of David Beckham’s beard, he tends to keep the growth fairly short and even, which flatters that famous bone structure. He’s also a self-confessed beard oil addict, so get your mitts on some Softer Touch Beard Oil or the Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm to mollify your own stubble.

@house99 helping us get ready for a BIG week ahead! #House99

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The Portugese-born model knows a thing or two about living rough, having weathered homelessness in his twenties. Now, the strong, sharp silhouette he cuts with an impressive ‘tache and quiff is just another thing to be inspired by.


The Indian-American actor, model, jewellery designer and all-round classy lad sports a proud. His ‘gram is full of arty pics of exotic travels and Ahluwalia’s modeling gigs for the most renowned fashion brands. But our favourite is catching sneakies of the cool Hollywood crew and creative types he rolls deep with.


As the first Asian model to ever be signed with the LV brand, the Taiwanese-Canadian model/actor regales his almost half-a-million followers with some seriously well-sculpted salt and pepper stubble and snaps of his far-flung, jet-setting adventures.


These two best mates from Portland spend a significant amount of time adorning their beards with miscellaneous objects like dandelions, toy soldiers, crayons, arrows – you name it. Treating their beards like a kind of upside down festive tree, they make it feel like Christmas all year round.


The once out-of-shape insurance salesman-turned-GQ model is a man to follow for more reasons that just his impressive ginger beard. Inspirational and motivating, his turn from a more or less sedentary type to a viral, international success is splayed out in stylish snaps that hero his beard and cement ginger’s as a stunning lot no longer to be messed with.


As impressively tattooed as he is bearded, the Ontario-based Insta-model moonlights, (or daylights, if you will) as a social worker, working as a clinician for a child welfare agency. While he looks like a proper hard man, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of a soft heart is there?


If you’ve ever wondered about the physics of your beard – could it withstand being fashioned into, say, a pair of binoculars or a bowl for a serving of pot noodle (it can) – then this is the Instagram account for you. With a beard that reached 36” at it’s longest, (now 18” following a recent trim), Isaiah Webb, the man behind the beard, certainly has a lot to work with.


Mr. Hicks is as elegant as they come, a real gentleman with distinction. For beard tips, style cues and a general guide to life, your man Percy is the one to follow. What can we say? The man knows his way around a beard trimmer and a good, tailored suit.


Shabir’s London wit and Pakistani heritage combine to create a playful approach to grooming with a whacky, cool sense of style. The founder and creative of The Cactus Agency (a modeling agency that champions diversity) pushes the boundaries of style, think: a top knot worn with a mauve velvet tracksuit and you’ve just about found our man’s comfort zone.

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